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In addition, the coach has revealed that he is very proud to have the Colombian artist by his side because she is “fun, extroverted and very talented”. On the other hand, the advisor has indicated that the coach is “generous, very talented of course and ‘papacito’, as they say in Colombia”.

Greeicy is very grateful to belong to the family of ‘La Voz’ and has confessed that “I am learning more than what I can contribute”, both from Alejandro Sanz, the rest of the coaches and all the artists who pass through the stage.

The Gran Batalla has made things very difficult for the coaches and advisors of ‘La Voz’ and they will have to choose the groups that will face each other in the next phase: “It’s complicated because each artist is a world”.

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After the success of the sixth edition of La voz -the first on Antena 3-, on October 30, 2019 Pablo López and Antonio Orozco confirmed, during their visit to El hormiguero, that they would repeat as coaches in the seventh edition of the program -the second on Antena 3-. Days later, on November 7, Laura Pausini also went to El hormiguero, where she confirmed to be the 3rd coach of the program. After that announcement, Pablo Motos, host of the program, showed a video in the program where Alejandro Sanz was presented as the 4th coach, thus completing the team of coaches of The Voice 2020.

The Voice format was devised by John de Mol, creator of Big Brother, and differs from other singing talent contests because it consists of choosing from a group of contestants -of different ages- those who stand out for their vocal qualities without their image influencing the decision of the jury, composed of well-known artists who subsequently direct their academic training. The objective of this format is to try to find the best voice of our country.

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A Que No Me Dejas

this is at best an average cd. reminds me a bit of james taylor style but not the originality of taylor. if you insist to get this cd, make sure you buy it at deep discount. otherwise, don’t waste your time/money.

A great album, that shows the maturity that this great singer was already taking, for me it is a point of take off of his career. The sound is great, and the song selection starts with an anthological My first song and ends with all the energy of Viviendo de prisa, you will find everything you are looking for in this CD.

I need the version of the first song in concert with paco de lucia and presuntos implicados where soledad does the voice solo with alejandro sanz–can anyone tell me how I can buy this product, if possible on vhs-pal video?

Highly recommended, not only an excellent selection of songs but also a high quality recording and sound. If you like vinyl for its hi-fi quality and you like Sanz, it’s worth having.

A Que No Me Dejas

Alejandro Sánchez Pizarro, más conocido como Alejandro Sanz (pronunciación en español: [aleˈxandɾo ˈsanθ];[1] 18 de diciembre de 1968) es un cantautor y músico español. Por su trabajo, Sanz ha ganado un total de diecisiete premios Grammy Latinos y tres premios Grammy. Ha ganado tres veces el Grammy Latino al Álbum del Año, más que ningún otro artista. El cantante destaca por sus baladas de influencia flamenca, pero también ha experimentado con el rock, el funk, la electrónica, el jazz y muchos géneros de la música latina.

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Conoció la música tradicional flamenca de niño mientras pasaba las vacaciones en la Andalucía natal de sus padres, en el sur de España[4]. Comentando sus primeras experiencias, Sanz explicó: “El flamenco puede ser muy duro para los principiantes. Si pierdes el ritmo, te echan con un: ‘¡No sirves, muchacho! Son muy estrictos y muy crueles. Pero también es una educación maravillosa, porque o aprendes a tocar o no”[4] Sentía que no podía competir con sus compañeros y decidió centrarse en crear música pop con influencias flamencas, ya que consideraba que el flamenco era un “estilo de vida” más adecuado para los demás[5].

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