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Certificate of Mexican nationality on line

* This procedure must be requested by presenting the original and a simple copy of the authorization issued by the municipal authority for such event. And receipt of payment before the collection box of the Secretary of Finances and Administration of the Government of the State.

According to the established in Article 23 of the Political Constitution of the State of Baja California Sur, which dictates which conditions must be fulfilled in order to be recognized as a Sudcalifornian Citizen. Said article is attached for your reference, as well as Articles 4 and 8 of the Law of Citizenship and Quality of Sudcalifornian. In addition to an optional form to apply for the same.

I have an extemporaneous birth certificate for a passport.

The purpose of the Law to be enacted is to protect the fundamental rights derived from the proper name and the paternal and maternal surnames, simple and compound, of natural legal persons, to which Mexican men and women are entitled from birth. As a general rule, they will be composed of one or two words to assign the proper name; putting in first place, the paternal surname to legally guarantee that filiation and in second place, the maternal surname, with the same purpose as the previous one. In coordination with the authorities of the Civil Registry or the Family Status of the states and the Federal District.

The usurpation of one’s own name and paternal and maternal surnames, simple or compound, is the act through which a natural legal person knowingly uses one that does not correspond to him/her, in order to obtain a benefit from it. In the cases of usurpation of those, the injured party will have action to make it cease.

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Whoever improperly uses the paternal and maternal name and surnames, simple or compound, of another natural legal person, applying it to fictitious characters, adopting it as a pseudonym or in any other way, may be obliged to cease the improper or undue use, or to make the necessary modifications.

What is the certificate of Mexican nationality?

If the interested party was born abroad, he/she must present a certified copy of the birth certificate issued by the consulates or by the consular section of the diplomatic representations of Mexico abroad or a certified copy issued by the Mexican civil registry office of the insertion of his/her foreign birth certificate. In addition, an equally certified copy of the birth certificate or copy of the certificate or declaration of Mexican nationality by birth of the father or mother must be presented. In the case of children of naturalized Mexicans, they must additionally present a copy of the letter of naturalization of the father or mother, if they were naturalized before the birth of the interested party.

Extemporaneous registration which is

It is the tool that provides order to the government’s public action, in the short, medium and long terms; in its structure a strategic relationship is maintained between citizens and government that allows structuring socially shared action alternatives.

The State Development Plan precisely defines objectives, strategies and goals – general and particular – that are fundamental for the programmatic structuring and budget allocation, that is, the responsible execution of public resources that allows to make known to the citizens what, why, how, with whom, when and where public investments will be made for the benefit of the people of Quintana Roo.

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